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Adela Osmani

Who is Adela Osmani?
The Art Concept
Hand, energy, spirituality

Adela Osmani is a 25 -year-old artist who has completed her studies in Interior Design, but for many years she has fully dedicated her time and inspiration to painting. Inspired by everything that surrounds her, but mainly by the human stories that she neatly turns into art, Osmani has achieved notable successes in Albania and beyond with her unique and anti-conformist art. Behind each work of art, there is a feeling or philosophy, which Osmani translates into the canvas.
She’s well known as the painter without brushes. Osmani worked with different techniques, until she found the inspiration she needed, in the trinomial, hands, energy and spirituality. After mixing the paints, she puts the brush away and works on the canvas with her hands, through which she completely conveys her state of mind, the calmness and freedom that characterizes it. Her paintings are abstract, made with oil and water colors through which the color play is made in a unique way. It seems that all the senses are involved in creating elegant, timeless and original paintings.
Osmani has exhibited 8 paintings in the Louvre, alongside the biggest names of the world of art. In addition to Paris, where she has returned twice, Adela has managed to exhibit her paintings in various European countries, but also in the United Arab Emirates. Her art resides in the Italian Parliament House but has also gone offshore, to the USA through Albania’s representative at Miss Universe, who wore a cape painted by her and treated the theme of sexual abuse of minor girls. Osmani’s name soon turned into a brand. At auctions, her paintings are sold in record time, while they have been preferred by the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, the former Prime Minister, MPs, VIPs and fellow painters. Last exhibition one of the most important in saatchi gallery London
Nevertheless, She recently got invited to “Leadership Global award” organised from H.H. ENGR. SHEIKH SALEM BIN SULTAN BIN SAQR AL-QASIMI where she won the “Best Abstract Artist 2024.”

Also exhibition at Marriot, Air Albania stadium

One of the most important exhibitions for 2024 is the art exhibition at the Cannes Art Biennale during the film festival.

About Adela Osmani